Sawamotoen and Kawanecha

Kawanecha is one of the high-end Japanese teas which is produced in Kawanehoncho, in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Kawanehoncho is a small town (only about 6,000 population) in the area where is registered as Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO. People keep their living along with the beautiful nature as it is.

Sawamotoen has been running tea business in Kawanehoncho since 1830 by family.
“Producing and selling high quality, reliable and safe 100% pure premium Kawanecha” is our strategy which has been taken over from our 1st generation.  We also make only “Sencha”, authentic tea style.

Selected contracted local farmers who have been working with us for long time are our business partner; they take care of our tea farms and provide their tea produced at their tea farms.
We blend the tea from each our farmers and make the complex, high quality tea.

Gifted geographic condition can make high-end tea without using less pesticide, on the other hand, only limited amount of quantity can produce; hand picking the tea leaves is the main method to harvest.

Uniqueness of our tea is:
*Tea water color is golden yellow, not green
*Well balanced Sweetness and Astringency
*Refreshing aroma
*Long-lasting refreshing aftertaste

Japanese green tea contains lots of natural Nutrition:
Vitamin C
Amino Acid

Recently only a few tea company can provide 100% pure Kawanecha.
Our tea is the pleasure “gift” from the nature in Kawanehoncho and the passion of our family.

We hope that you will relish the rich taste of the Kawane tea offered by Sawamotoen.


Sawamotoen Co., Ltd.
261 Tashiro, Kawanehoncho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka 428-0416 Japan

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